CFDS provides fleet safety management software and services

Our mission is to provide software and services that enable safety operations and management teams to accurately identify and monitor vital information regarding drivers, vehicles and equipment.

- CSA Compliance Tools.
- Risk Management Tools.
- Track Date Critical Data on Drivers/Vehicles/Equipment.
- Be Prepared for Safety Audits.

CFDS Safety

The CFDS cloud-based software allows you to track date sensitive items as defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association.

ICSA Compliance / Safety

At CFDS, our web application is specifically designed to help Motor Carriers manage and understand FMCSA’s CSA program.

CFDS Cargo

Cloud-based Intermodal, TL & local P&D operations and dispatching software.

Fleet Data Tracking

Driver Reviews/Vehicle/Equipment Date Expirations: Track and update Due Dates on items pertaining to driver/ trucks/equipment.

CFDS Driver Qualification

Cloud-based driver application integrated with qualifications evaluation and tracking.

Driver Screening

Qualifying a potential candidate as a driver/owner operator? CFDS’s new features offer screening services for all candidates with quick and trustworthy results.