Fleet Data Tracking
  • Driver Reviews/Vehicle/Equipment Date Expirations: Track and update Due Dates on items pertaining to driver/ trucks/equipment.
  • Email notification by item. Notifications are sent to appropriate email addresses prior to expirations.
  • Track CSA points by driver, Terminal, and CSA BASIC, including sub-categories for each BASIC.
  • “BRIEF” Reports reflect Driver Data: CSA points, detailed listing of all violations including: date, violation number and description, whether it was ticketed, put OOS, and point value for violation. Report will also reflect any Accidents/Incidents reported on this driver.
  • FMCSA/SMS Data (as it becomes available) is imported from SMS website and all updated violations are matched to driver/equipment and fleet is re-ranked and scores are updated.
  • Review new Violations and violations that are no longer on your profile.
  • Review reports of possible DATAQ items:

    Violations issued to drivers post termination/expired leases.
    Vehicles not under the authority of the Motor Carrier.
    * Note: Data under this report is reflective of current data in your system. You must make a driver inactive in order to verify that a violation can be DataQ'd.