CFDS Safety

The CFDS Safety cloud-based software allows you to track date sensitive items as defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. The safety management application offers excellent accident reporting developed with guidance from FMCSA regulations.

Accurate and timely information is vital to effective safety management. Presenting that information in an efficient and easily understood framework is crucial.

CFDS applications give both your safety operations and management teams the ability to accurately identify and track vital information at the click of the mouse. From safety reports with date sensitive material to automated communications to keep the field and the dispatchers all on the same page, CFDS has comprehensive solutions to help your company grow.

Software Highlights

  • Track date-critical items for drivers, vehicles and equipment.
  • Calendar display of date-critical expirations with links to update screen.
  • Option for email notifications of driver/vehicle/equipment related date-critical items that have expired or will expire soon.
  • View of roadside inspection results tailored to identify problems instead of time intensive audits or research to determine deficiencies.
  • Identify relationships between OOP/driver behavior patterns and Crash Risks.
  • Driver Brief Report: a quick view report of a driver’s personal information, review history, roadside inspections and accidents.
  • Upload CSA data from FMCSA portal.
  • Report and view options based on specific violations.
  • Inspection results by Unit 1 and Unit 2.
  • Calculates performance based on CSA Basics for Carrier and Driver.
  • Unsafe Driver (part 392 and 397).
  • Fatigue Driver (part 392 and 395).
  • Driver Fitness (part 383 and 391).
  • Controlled Substance and Alcohol (part 392 and 392).
  • Vehicle Maintenance (part 393 and 396).
  • Cargo Related (part 392, 393, 397, and HM).
  • Ranks drivers based on RSI results.
  • Report module with a variety of options.
  • Store Related Documents Online.