About Us

CFDS began in 2008 as a joint venture between Safety and Compliance Director Oscar Garay and Software Developer Randal LeBlanc to produce a safety and compliance management solution for multimode, “flexible service” carriers.

Our software development efforts are focused on continually improving our features and functionality. We have invested a significant amount of time in R&D with "hands on" interaction with our customers. Many of our new features come directly from customer requests.

Behind the scenes, CFDS tools have been developed using industry standard operating procedures and a firm knowledge of FMCSA standards and regulations. Adherence to such standards and practices have enabled us to readily interface to other software and systems as needed by our customers. In general we have strived to build a more stable, open environment for data sharing and communications to meet our customers' ever-expanding needs.

About a third of our customers focus on intermodal drayage exclusively, another third are multimode operations that typically combine drayage with a mix of other services including LTL, Cross-docking, TL, and Brokerage. The remaining customers are a diverse mix of transportation providers including conventional TL, dedicated Brokerage, regional warehouse/distribution, tank container services, storage services, highway construction, white-glove furniture delivery and more.

CFDS has matured with input from some of the most profitable trucking companies in America enabling us to become a leading software/service provider in the transportation industry. Whether you're a single individual or part of a team, running a few trucks or a few hundred, CFDS has solutions that can help improve your safety operations and your bottom line.